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EAT LOVE, AND PRAY BALI TOUR is we designed to inform the travelers the cheapest holiday packages in our paradise island of Bali with many selective of tours and activities.we are is best online agency in this island which is offer cheapest price of tours and activities, All our tour packages is to make easier for our guest to choose the interesting places in Bali to visit because your holiday is not complete before exploring the areas to fulfill your pleasure of sports, adrenaline and recreation. Our tour packages is design from 10 hours to 12 hours tour packages that you can choose during your holiday in Bali. Enjoy and discover Bali Island in the special our full day tour. From Bali rural area, temple, paddy rice terrace, lake, volcano and dance performance. Have a full day shopping expedition, charming the exotic birds to eat from your hand, enjoy the city tour, watch the sun setting down to the sea and after working out your muscles all day a pampering spa treatment or a dinner on the cruise would be perfect to fill your day.

For travelers who needs easy and fun holiday vacation, we offer Bali tour package with wide range of tours include, entrance ticket, lunch and private a/c vehicle. The packages offers sightseeing and travel guides to visit places of interest in Bali and visit the unique attractions, cultures, traditional Balinese daily life and all about tourist activities. Our team of highly knowledgeable and competant staff, aim to make your holiday experience a memory that you will never forget.

For travelers who want to see all tourist destination in our island we offer Bali round trip package with simple packages complete with accommodation, entrance ticket, breakfast and lunch. On our bali round trip packages lot of interesting places to be visit which is available on in every corner in Bali, you will always find something interesting to see in every places. The people, the way of life, cultural activities, and of course the nature needs your some times to spend for. You might see the extraordinary places un-common for tourist so far and sure you will meet the innocent faces of villager and their warmest welcome to every visitors. In this site, we have provided the best choice of land tours with attractive programs, which are designed to meet your entire expectations and bring home with unforgettable experience.

The one-stop website for everything you need for a Bali holiday.
Guaranteed lowest prices and a fully-staffed Bali office of travel professionals available 24 hours a day to assist both in planning a Bali holiday and while you visiting the
"Island of the Gods".

Bali Tour Packages

Bali Full Day Tour

We offer Bali Full Day Tour which is the best bali tour packages, full day tours, half day tours, round trip, combination tours and activity tours during your holiday in Bali.

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Bali Half Day Tour

Half day tour in Bali, combination in a short time comprised from camel riding, under sea walking, trekking Mount Batur, dinner by the sea, city tour and much more...

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Bali One Day Tour

Bali one day tour is a special full day tour. From Bali rural area to temples visit in Bali. Pumped adrenalin with verity of adventurous activity, rafting, elephant or horse riding, and much more...

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Bali Combination Tour

We offer Bali Combination Tours which is a full day tour combine with some adventure tour to give the wide opportunity and impressive experience.

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Bali Adventure Tour

A professional tour organizer offers special Bali Adventure Tour packages in the paradise island of Bali with flexible time arrangements..

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Bali Marine Tour

This package offers an unforgettable fishing programs in Bali giving the great experience through every exercise like Bottom Fishing, Trolling Fishing and much more..

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Overland Trip

This trip will visit the most interesting part in Java like visiting the Borobudur Temple, Prambanan Temple and Keraton Yogyakarta..

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Bali Car Charter

We provide the airport pick up service, land transfers in Bali, car charter for tour and other transportation in Bali.

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